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A great combination of fantasy, action, and anime is set to take place in your heart if you are looking forward to watching something worth your time and attention. “Solo Traveling anime”- I’m sure you must have heard this name already and this is what brought you here.

If you have heard someone saying that they have already watched the first episode of this story and they are totally amazed by it, no doubt he is not telling a lie. In my personal opinion as well, you must watch Solo Leveling first episode on kissanime because it has already been released on 7th January 2024.

But, if you want to gather some background details of the same, then you must continue reading this post till the end so that you can be sure that this is something that would certainly interest you.

Tracing the background details of Solo Leveling anime 

Do you admire and enjoy watching K-dramas? If yes, then you are surely going to like this story as well and that’s because this series is an adaptation of a South Korean web novel Na Honjaman Rebeleop (its Korean name). Talking about the Solo Leveling anime version that is coming in the form of a series, it has been produced by A-1 Pictures. though, it was scheduled to be released in the year 2023, due to some reasons the production house had to delay its release.

But fortunately, the wait is over… The first episode is finally here. And those who have been wondering when Solo Leveling anime come out can take a breath of relief now.

And you know what- the release date of the second episode has also been announced. Want to know what that? Check out the episode-wise details to watch Solo Leveling in the section that follows.

Release date of Solo Leveling anime episodes 

According to some online sources, we currently do not know how many episodes the series will have. As of now, we only know the date of release of the two episodes which is presented below:

Episode 1- “I’m Used to It” (Aired on 7th January 2024)

Episode 2- “If I had one more chance” (will air on 14th January 2024)

And I hope this answers your question- when does Solo Leveling anime come out? Moving on, let us now take a look at yet another important question that has been troubling users for a long time now. Yes, you guessed that correctly. We are now going to shed some light on the platform that has acquired this anime series and will air it on its official release date.

Where can I stream Solo Leveling anime online?

stream Solo Leveling

As we have said already, the first episode has already been aired, hence, we know some facts about it. The Solo Leveling series has been acquired by Crunchyroll which turns out to be the only licensed platform where fans residing outside of China, South Korea, and Japan can stream all the upcoming episodes of this anime series.

On the other hand, if you are someone who is residing in Southeast Asia and Oceanic (excluding residents of Australia and New Zealand) then you can watch Solo Leveling on Medialink. And, once you reach these platforms, you do not have to go through a hurdle some process to stream Solo Leveling anime. In just a few clicks, you’ll be able to stream the series without facing any interruptions.

But I would recommend you connect your device to a speedy and uninterrupted internet connection to avoid any hurdles in your streaming experience.

Want to take a glimpse at the plotline of Solo Leveling? 

This section has got you covered.

Talking about the plot of the story, it happens to be a war-like situation where human warriors having supernatural abilities and hunters get involved in a battle in opposition to some deadly monsters who are actually very deadly and dangerous. The war actually takes place to protect mankind from some kind of devastation. During the story, a hunter named Sung Jinwoo, who is pretty weak, ends up in a troublesome situation.

To find out who finally wins the battle and what fate humankind possesses, you must take a follow-up of all the episodes of Solo Leveling anime.

The Bottom Line: 

In essence, the main reason why you must watch Solo Leveling is because it is a story that will keep you hooked till the end and make you wait for the release of its episodes. So, if you are ready for some action-packed story, Solo Leveling is going to be a treat for you. And I would personally recommend you to watch it in your leisure time as the story of the novel from which this series has been adapted is also pretty interesting and has gained a lot of recognition.


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