Essentials of DMCA or Digital Millennium Copyright Act policy

This DMCA policy is applicable to the kissanimesru website and the product(s) or service(s) offered by the platform. This policy has been crafted with the main intention to outline how “we” or the “website operators” take into consideration the copyright violations and how we tackle such a situation when you file a copyright complaint with us.

Being digitally active, we all are aware of the fact that protecting intellectual property is pretty necessary to us. Thus, we encourage our users as well as the authorized agents to do the same. If we ever get a notification regarding infringement or violation of DMCA policy, we try our best to respond to that particular notification in compliance with the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act which was created in the year 1988.

Considerations to make before raising a copyright complaint 

Prior to the submission of a copyright infringement complaint to kissanimesru, please consider whether or not it could be counted as a fair use of content or material. For example, if we have used your content after giving you a proper quotation or it includes essential pieces of news, teachings, or research, without seeking your permission, then you may consider it as a fair use of the intellectual property.

In case you could not come to a conclusion about whether your complaint is apt or not, then we suggest you consult an attorney before filling up the infringement form. After making your decision, if you send us a copyright policy violation notice, then you are supposed to provide your personal details in the same form.

On the other hand, if you are concerned about safeguarding your personal information, then you may hire an agent to notify us on your behalf.

Details on infringement notification 

If you are filing an infringement complaint with us, please note that you are involved in a legal procedure from the start till the end. As soon as you raise a complaint, it is subject to scrutiny for validity and accuracy. In our response to the same, we would give you clear details of the removal of the copyright content.

Please note that the details or the procedure that we have talked about in this policy do not limit us in any manner to taking any other action to address your concern.

Changes/ amendments to this policy 

kissanime” and its authorized agents hold all the rights to modify the content given in this policy, as and when required. If we ever make any such changes, we will notify about the same through our website’s homepage. Additionally, we may also use your personal details to notify you about the same.

The moment we post the updated notification, it will become effective there and then.

If you continue to use this website even after that, it would mean that you agree to the terms and policies given here.

How would you report a copyright infringement?

In case you are willing to notify us or raise a complaint regarding copyright infringement, then you may do so by using our contact details or emailing us at:

[email protected]