Before accessing any services through any online platform including, it is essential that you go through its terms and conditions so that you can better understand how it works.

So, keep everything aside, and read these terms of use very carefully.


All the information that we have given here governs your use of the services that we offer on our platform including the personalized services that we offer to our customers. For more details on a specific point, refer to the details furnished below.


If you ever use any of our paid membership services, you will be able to stream video content till the end of the membership period. In case you wish to continue seeking our membership services, then you need to renew your subscription by paying out the necessary subscription fees. For a seamless experience on our platform, we suggest you use a speedy as well as uninterrupted internet connection and a device that is compatible to stream the available video content.

Promotional offers 

On a timely basis, we along with our service providers may release special promotional offers. The eligibility to avail of any particular offer shall only be decided by We may restrict you from accessing any such offers if we think you are not eligible for the same.

Discontinuation/cancellation of membership 

If you fail to renew your paid subscriptions, you shall not be able to continue accessing the paid services. In addition to that, if you willingly wish to cancel your plan, then you can easily do so by using the account settings.

Accessing kissanime services

  • Make sure that you are 18 or above if you wish to stream video content through our website. However, if you are below 18, you must use the platform under the supervision of someone who is elder and is above 18
  • The services offered on our platform should only be used on a personal level and one should not use it for selling/commercial purposes
  • Please ensure that you use our services within the same country in which you have created your account
  • On the other hand, it should be noted that we try to keep our content library updated with the latest video content so that you can enjoy the best streaming
  • Not all of the video content available here can be downloaded or saved for offline watching

Your agreement

Before you use our services, make sure that you agree to use them in accordance with the applicable laws as well as rules. Also, we do not want our viewers to reproduce, sell, share, or modify the services that we offer on our platform.

In case you are found to be going against any terms of use, then we, at our sole discretion may terminate your use of

Available content 

The content that we have made available on our website may differ in quality based on different factors such as the speed and quality of the internet connection you are using, the device on which you are streaming the content, and so on.

Also, the loading speed of any video content will also be determined by the internet connection in use.


Kissanimeru offers video content only on an “as” or “is” basis and does not offer any kind of warranty for the same.

Account Access

You are the sole responsibility for anything and everything that happens from your account. So, make sure that you give your account access to only those individuals whom you trust.

Changes to our terms and conditions

Under necessary circumstances, we may make necessary modifications to the given terms and conditions.