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Being a true anime fan, you’ll be glad to know that the sequel of your favorite anime series will be released in September 2023. Yes, we are talking about Kengan Ashura which is a Japanese anime from the manga series. This series is written by Yabako Sandrovich and you know who has done its illustration? Well, it is none other than Daromeon.

When the first season of this anime movie adaptation was released in 2019, it was the result of a fan poll where fans had to decide which one of their favorite series should be given an anime adaptation. After winning the poll, Kengan Ashura was then decided to adapt to an animated movie.

When was the first season of Kengan Ashura premiered?

After so many discussions and so much effort, the world premiere of the anime series finally took place on July 7, 2018, at Anime Expo. Well, the first season was aired in two different parts. The first part was released in July 2019, while the second part of the series was released in October 2019.

To the amusement of this series fans, they later on, in March 2022 announced that a sequel of the story is being planned. And then it actually happened in September 2023.

How many seasons and episodes are there in Kengan Ashura?

To put it short and clear, this Japanese anime series has a total of two seasons. The first season consists of 2 parts divided into a total of 24 episodes. Meanwhile, the second season, which is the sequel to the first one, is also coming in two parts. The first part of the second season consists of 12 episodes and the second part of the second season is yet to be released.

The list of episodes from Season 1 of Kengan Ashura

As stated in the previous section of the article, the first season of Kengan Ashura was released in two parts. So, here is the parts-wise list of the episodes specially curated for you:

  1. Kengan (Part I begins)
  2. Super Human
  3. Tough Guy
  4. Reunited
  5. Brawl
  6. Pulling Strings
  7. The Night Before
  8. The Battle Begins
  9. Justice
  10. Sister
  11. Ashura
  12. Father and Son
  13. Convictions (Part II begins)
  14. Master and Pupil
  15. The Fisherman
  16. The Rakshasa
  17. The Devil Lance
  18. Oddities
  19. Volition
  20. Champions
  21. The Abyss
  22. Deathmatch
  23. The Devil
  24. Father

The list of episodes from season 2 of Kengan Ashura

I know you cannot hold your excitement to stream Kengan Ashura Season 2 episodes if you have already watched season 1. So, here is the list of all the episodes that were released in part of the season 2:

  1. Omen (Part I begins)
  2. Blast Core
  3. The Clown
  4. Dignity
  5. Suicide Attack
  6. An Old Friend
  7. Hell
  8. Resurrection
  9. Superiority
  10. Life and Death
  11. Rebel Flag
  12. Melee

Note: Part II is yet to be announced.

Where can I watch all seasons and episodes of Kengan Ashura?

Before I tell you the answer, let me ask you a question first. Do you have a Netflix subscription? If yes, that’s where you can stream all the seasons and episodes of Kengan Ashura without having to pay any additional amount.

Even if you do not have a Netflix subscription yet, you can always buy one. On the other hand, if you still do not want to buy a subscription, there are some online streaming platforms such as Kissanime that allow you to stream such series for free.

In a nutshell: 

If you have some free time but don’t want to step out of your house to have some fun, do watch this series. The run time of each episode is around 25 minutes. And I’m sure, once you start watching it, you’ll be hooked to your device for hours. So, grab a cup of hot coffee or some popcorn and get ready to stream one of the best anime series ever.


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