The Tale of the Princess Kaguya
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The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

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The Tale of Princess Kaguya is a Japanese animated historical fantasy movie that is worthwhile to watch. To aid you in getting the surface idea of the movie, we are going to provide you with the surface idea of the movie.

A glance at the movie

This movie is an adaptation of the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, which was a literary tale belonging to the 10th century. Produced by Studio Ghibli, the storyline of this movie was co-written by Isao Takahata. Further, the movie was also directed under his guidance.

Released on November 23, 2013 by Toho. This is the most expensive Japanese movie having a budget of US$ 49.3 million. Not only this, the movie was even nominated at the 87th Academy Awards for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.


The story begins when a bamboo cutter discovers a miniature girl inside the glowing bamboo shoot. The man and his wife adopt the girl believing her as the divine presence. During her upbringing, her parents addressed her as “Princess”. Time passes, and village children give her the name “Takenoko” which means “Little Bamboo.”

With the passage of time, the friendship of Takenoko and Sutemaru, one of her oldest friends, turned into a close relationship. One day while working in the bamboo, her father discovered gold and fine cloth, in the same manner as he found the princess. Upon receiving this, the bamboo cutter decides to shape Takenoko into a “noble princess” and takes gold and cloth as proof of her divine.

For this purpose, the bamboo cutter reaches the conclusion to commute to the capital with his family, compelling the princess to leave his friends behind in the town. A governess was appointed to transform the princess into a noblewoman, but the princess misses her prior life and friends.

After reaching a certain age, Takenoko was given a formal name, “Princess Kaguya”, which means “The Shining Princess”. The girl elopes from the capital to the village in search of her friends but doesn’t find any of them.

The princess gained charming beauty, which attracted suitors, and five of the suitors even proposed to marry her. The princess then presents a condition: whoever will bring the mythical treasure will be her man. Amidst all this, the princess demands to see the cherry blossom bloom. To fulfil her wish, her mother and house maiden headed with the princess to the country where the blooming cherry tree was standing, and that wasn’t far from her old hut.

The princess’s family asks for forgiveness and recalls her new identity. While returning to the capital, the princess encounters several men running through the street, and there she notices Sutemaru, who stole the chicken.

Here, no suitor succeeds in presenting the treasure as mentioned by the princess. One of the suitors dies in this quest which makes the princess depressed. One day the princess reveals her moon origin to her parents.

In the hope of being exiled to the earth, she decided to break the laws, so that she would leave mortal life. She then begged before the moon revealing her attachment to earth. The moon accepts her plea, and she goes back to her village, uniting with Sutemaru.


The tale of Princess Kaguya holds an incredible storyline, which revolves around the miniature girl discovered by the bamboo cutter. Having its origin from the moon, the princess accepts her mistake and seeks forgiveness to reunite with Sutemaru. To know what happens next, watch this amazing anime gem and add it to your watchlist.


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