Alice to Therese no Maboroshi Koujou
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Alice to Therese no Maboroshi Koujou

If you are an anime lover then you might have heard of an amazing movie, Alice to Therese no Moboroshi Kojo that is about to hit the OTT platforms.

This Japanese animated movie has exceptionally showcased the entire story, winning the viewers’ hearts. An appealing storyline and heart-touching moments displayed in the movie made people acclaim its performance across the world, making it a masterpiece in the anime world.

If you are unaware of this marvel in the anime world, then let’s dig the surface idea through this piece of information.

An Overview of Alice to Therese no Moboroshi Kojo

Directed and written by Mari Okada, this amazing movie hit the screens on September 15, 2023, in Japan. This animated movie was created under the MAPPA Animation Production, which is a paradise for anime movies.

Further, the movie is going to be released on OTT platforms on January 15, 2024. Having a time duration of 1 hour and 51 minutes, this movie keeps the audience completely engaged.

The Synopsis…

Before watching any movie, we look for the storyline, and that’s a basic human tendency. The anime movie “Alice to Therese no Moboroshi Kojo” is a power pack filled with the perfect fusion of romance, drama, and fantasy.

The storyline revolves around teenage children. The cornerstone of the movie is the suspicious and sudden explosion that took place at a local steel factory. The incidents that occurred after that incident, created the layout of the complete movie.

The story starts with an unexpected explosion in the steel factory within the confines of the town where a boy named Masamune lives. Masamune was a third-year middle school student. Due to the outburst that took place in the city, the entire lives of the people within the town came to a pause. All the people of the town were forbidden from making any changes and were somewhere compelled to live a life in the hope that someday the things would normalize and they would live the way they wanted to.

But, amidst all this, there happened an incident that turned the entire plot. Mutsumi, a classmate of Masamune, takes him to the fifth furnace of the factory where the explosion took place. What they discovered over there leaves them surprised.

As they navigate to the fifth furnace of the mill, they discover a mysterious girl, Itsumi resembling a wild wolf. This mysterious girl can’t speak. The strange meeting of these three created the rest of the plot of the movie.

Their meeting led to the commencement of ruining the world. Tired of their daily lives, these three found the unstoppable “Impulse of Love” which resulted in interrupting the balance of the world.

How the three of them disrupted the balance and peace of the world is what is showcased in this masterpiece.

A look at the movie Characters

The main characters involved in this anime movie are:

  • Masamune
  • Mutsumi, and
  • Itsumi

Summing up!!

Must-watch this anime movie is on the bucket list of every anime lover. Alice to Therese no Moboroshi Kojo reflects the sudden meeting of three teenagers under unusual circumstances. Frustrated with their lives, three of them decided to destroy the world. The “Impulse of Love” that emerged between them acted as the initial spark of the fire that turned the entire world to ashes.

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