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A lot of humans including scientists are fascinated about finding life on a planet other than earth. Does it fascinate you too? If yes, you must be interested to watch the latest release on Disney + Hotstar which is none other than Phoenix: Eden17.

To your surprise, the main characters in this series actually leave Earth to find life on Eden 17. However, upon reaching that planet, what they actually find out is that humans have already vanished from that planet. Well, this makes us think what they will do now… Isn’t it???

If you too are curious to know their whole fascinating journey, then you must watch all the episodes of Phoenix: Eden17.

About Phoenix Eden 17

Before watching the whole series and finding out it is not your kind of story, it is better that you do some background research about the series beforehand. So, first of all, you must note that it is an anime series which allows you to travel in time with its characters and their journey. This story is about Young Romi and her partner and their adventurous journey to the Eden 17 planet.

You know what the most amazing part of this story is? Well, in the last episode, when Romi and her partners feel like returning to earth, they actually find out that immigrants are banned from returning to earth.

Therefore, if you think you are ready to watch this kind of story, then you must go ahead and learn more about it in the sections to follow.

Know about the seasons and episodes

All the episodes of the series were released on 13 September 2023 (Japan) on Disney + Hotstar. There are a total of 1 season and 4 episodes in the series. And throughout the series, you won’t feel bored for even a second. The list of all the episodes has been given below:

  1. Cain
  2. Moopy
  3. Astronaut
  4. Romi

Why should you watch Phoenix: Eden 17? 

When you are done with watching all the episodes of this series, you’ll be able to conclude one point.

Yes, you guessed it right… The story delivers a lesson on “Greed.” Throughout the series, we can see that all the characters are not satisfied and content with what they have and their longing for more and more lands them into “nothingness.”

In addition to that, through the character of Com, we get to learn the lesson of “Selflessness.” On the other hand, we get to learn the lesson of “Sacrifice” from Moopy as we can see that she sacrifices 1300 years of her life just for Romi.

Where can I watch Phoenix: Eden 17 for free? 

As discussed in the previous section of the read, this anime series can be streamed on Disney Plus Hotstar. If you have a subscription of the same, you can stream this series without paying any additional cost.

However, there is no other option to watch it for free. But, you never know… streaming services like Kissanime may include this series on their platform so that viewers can watch it for free.

In a nutshell: 

If you can’t hold your excitement and want to watch this series as soon as possible, then you must watch it on Disney + Hotstar right away.

This streaming service provider has a huge collection of anime and other series. Particularly speaking about Phoenix: Eden 17, it is a must watch if you have some leisure time.


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